How to Create an Account on the 1xBet App?

One reason the 1xBet app gains international recognition dwells in the variety of options customers have in creating an account on the sportsbook. When you download the app, and click registration, you will find the following sign-up options.


1xBet Download: One click registration

You will discover that it takes a few microseconds to create an account with the 1xBet. After a successful 1xBet app download, launch and locate the “register” tab situated in the upper right corner. Upon entering the registration page, select the “one-click” choice. Enter the requested details and the 1xBet software will instantly create a distinct username and password, which you can use to access your new account anytime. Though other forms of account verification are needed to tie this special username and password are required. 


Download 1xBet: Phone Number Registration

Your phone number could do the magic. With just a Kenyan registered phone number, players can sign up with the sportsbook for mobile betting just by using this option. Firstly download 1xBet app on your smartphone, then Install, launch, and click Registration. Now enter your number in the space provided and then click “Send SMS.” You will receive a confirmation code, input it to confirm number ownership, and then click “Confirm” to finish the transaction.


Email registration

The email option is the third straightforward registration process you have. Here, you’ll need to provide your email address, phone number, name, and password as listed on the registration page just after the 1xBet mobile download and installation process. You can also enter the promo code you were referred from that is if you have anyone to access specific bonuses and promotions. Once you’ve supplied all the necessary information, click “confirm” to complete the registration process.


How to Verify Identity in 1xBet App

Verifying your identity is a crucial step to ensure security and trust. The mobile sportsbook platform 1xBet might require you to verify your identity, especially when you’ve won substantial amounts. This validation procedure typically spans 1-2 days and entails submitting photos of your ID card, passport, or driver’s license. The 1xBet team reviews these documents and if these documents are recognized as valid, your account is verified, but if they are not the sportsbook has the right to close such an account. Additional evidence, like a utility bill, debit card, or bank statement, might be requested for further validation, though this isn’t a regular requirement.


1xBet App Main Features

The 1xBet mobile app offers numerous features that make it a popular choice among most bettors. Some of these features are mentioned below.Download 1xBet App

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Author’s Opinion about 1xBet for Android in Kenya

Rajiv Oteh

I am not surprised that the 1xBet global app has become more popular in Kenya. Bettors have noticed its good design and smooth performance, hence the significant level of downloads from customers. With the intuitive and easy nature of the app, I’m confident that most Android devices in Kenya will meet the app’s system requirements. It’s fun to watch spins on the Roulette wheel and see if luck is with you. Overall, using the app is great, and I would recommend it to both new users and existing customers.

Download 1xBet App for Android


Downloading and Installing 1xBet App for iOS Device

 1xBet iOS App image
 1xBet iOS App image
 1xBet iOS App image

1xBet Ghana provides an iOS app for people in Kenya who have iOS devices. When you decide to download the 1xBet app iOS, you’ll discover how simple it is to get the app on iOS just as the steps below reveal:

  • At the start, you have to go to the official website version of the 1xBet app;
  • Scroll down to the webpage to locate the mobile application then find the icon for iOS then click;
  • You will be redirected to the Apple store, then click on the mobile app to start the download;
  • Accept the terms for iOS installation and then install the app.

If your iOS device meets these requirements, then the app download for iOS will be incredibly smooth.


1xBet App: System Requirements iOS

Operating SystemiOS
Compatibility11 +
App sizeN/A


Author’s Opinion about 1xBet for iOS in Kenya

Rajiv Oteh

I’ve not had any regrets since I installed the 1xBet App on my device. iOS device users receive everything they anticipated. The 1xBet iOS app impresses with its user-friendly design, providing a seamless experience for navigating various betting options. Additionally, its efficient fund management and reliable customer support contribute to making it a top choice among users in Kenya. Even withdrawing my winnings posed no difficulty. I am quite sure that I will be using the 1xBet app login to access my account for a long time

1xBet App for iOS

1xBet Login from Kenya

1xBet Login from Kenya

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How to Register with 1xBet?

We tested the 1xBet registration procedure and found that it is simple. Creating an account takes 2 minutes or less, depending on the customer’s internet connection.

Follow these steps to sign up on 1xBet today.

  1. 1xbet registration kenyaVisit the official 1xBet website on the mobile phone and select “Registration” on the homepage.
  2. Input the phone number and tap “Send SMS” to get a confirmation code.
  3. Enter it in the “Confirmation code” space and tap “Confirm” to verify the phone number.
  4. Enter the first name and surname, choose a suitable password that can be remembered and re-enter it for confirmation.
  5. Enter the 1xBet bonus code GOALKE in the “Enter promo code” space.
  6. Next, select between the sports or casino + 1xGAMES welcome bonus offer.
  7. Tap “Register” for 1xBet to create a new account.

Use the same phone number and password to log into the account.

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1xBet Registration | How to Open an Account in Kenya in June 2024?

Follow our detailed guide to successfully register on 1xBet in Kenya, where we clarify everything new players must understand.

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1xBet Registration: Odds format

Depending on how well you understand the odds, you can always change them to what works for you. The options include Decimal, Indonesian, Malaysian, Hong Kong, UK, and US.



English is not the only language available on 1xBet. It is available in other languages including Arabic, Spanish, French, Swahili, and Portuguese. Such flexibility allows you to choose the language you are comfortable with.


Betting options

There are multiple betting options other than sports betting. It is the most popular, but you also get casinos, 1xGames, Esports, TV Games, and more. Once you have the account ready, go through the several betting options to see what works for you.


Install apps

If you like betting on your mobile device, you will then like the install app option. This can be good so that you do not have to rely heavily on the normal website for betting.


Account management

From the account dashboard, there are so many things you can change also. This includes your password, deposit method, withdrawal method, and more. In case you have to change the password, choose something you can easily remember.

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1xBet Registration: What Account Adjustments Can I Make Upon Registration?

1xBet odds format

Odds format change

You have now signed up for a fresh account on 1xBet. What are the things you can change? Here are some of them.

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How to Log in 1xBet?

With your 1xBet account being verified and ready to use, you can proceed with the 1xBet sign-in process. Here is how you would do it.

Accessing 1xBet account

1xBet login account process

  • Go to the 1xBet Kenya website;
  • Look for the login button next to the register button and click it;
  • You will be given a form to enter your phone number and password;
  • Click the login button at the bottom of the form to complete the 1xBet login process;

If your account details are correct, you should not have a problem accessing your 1xBet account.

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Differences in 1xBet Registration with Mobile

Not everyone likes betting on a desktop. Sometimes you want the versatility of betting on a mobile device. That is where you get the mobile version website of 1xBet. All you have to do is access the website via a mobile device and it is automatically loaded.

The mobile version is still the same 1xBet website only that it is optimized for the mobile device experience. You can still do the same processes you would have done on the normal website. This includes account registration and login.

The other option you have will be to place bets via the 1xBet mobile app. The sportsbook has made the Android and iOS apps available. You can easily download them from the sportsbook website and install them. You should have an easy time using them as they are like any other apps for sportsbooks you might have used before.

So, we find the experience of signing up on mobile still easy and you can do it too.

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How to Play Aviator on 1xBet

Learning to play xBet Aviator in itself doesn’t demand that you pick up some unique technical ability. Rather, the mode of play is easy and also the steps to do so. Starting from the basics, you must open an Aviator game 1xBet free account before you can play for real money. It is possible to try out the ixBet Aviator game without having a betting account, but that will only be the demo mode of the game. Here is how to play Aviator on 1xBet and win real money:

  1. Go to the website for Aviator game 1xBet login and navigate to the casino section;
  2. How to find Aviator on 1xBet is by looking under the game categories and locating the CRASH games section;
  3. Click on the 1xBet Aviator game and select the PLAY option, make your selections i.e. minimum and maximum bet limits, take profits, etc, and then start BET.
 How to Play - where is aviator game in 1xbet
 How to Play - where is aviator game in 1xbet
 How to Play - where is aviator game in 1xbet

Play Aviator Game on 1xBet

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1xBet Aviator Game

✅ Game nameAviator
⭐ RTP97%
⛳  DeveloperSpribe
⚡ Minimum Bet20 ZAR
✏️ Demo VersionYes
✨  TypeCrash
⬇️ VolatilityMedium
FeaturesGame Limits, Live Chat, Demo, Auto Cashout, etc


1xBet Aviator Gameplay

In the most simple explanatory terms, the gameplay involves a player placing bets on the plane’s altitude and trying to cash out on time before it crashes. The 1x Bet Aviator game is designed to create a combined sense of suspense and excitement, as the plane’s altitude changes constantly and the players try to decide or predict when it will probably crash.

The Aviator crash 1xBet gameplay is simple and at the same time offers significantly high returns even with a small betting stake. While playing, the multiplier can rise steadily even over 1000x, and you profit by a timely cash out. The risk to reward on the 1xBet Aviator live is high; as you can go from a 1 to 100 in a matter of seconds, so also 1000 to zero in an instant.


1xBet Kenya

19000 KESClaim Bonus!Bet Now!

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