How to Create an Account on the 1xBet App?

One reason the 1xBet app gains international recognition dwells in the variety of options customers have in creating an account on the sportsbook. When you download the app, and click registration, you will find the following sign-up options.


1xBet Download: One click registration

You will discover that it takes a few microseconds to create an account with the 1xBet. After a successful 1xBet app download, launch and locate the “register” tab situated in the upper right corner. Upon entering the registration page, select the “one-click” choice. Enter the requested details and the 1xBet software will instantly create a distinct username and password, which you can use to access your new account anytime. Though other forms of account verification are needed to tie this special username and password are required. 


Download 1xBet: Phone Number Registration

Your phone number could do the magic. With just a Kenyan registered phone number, players can sign up with the sportsbook for mobile betting just by using this option. Firstly download 1xBet app on your smartphone, then Install, launch, and click Registration. Now enter your number in the space provided and then click “Send SMS.” You will receive a confirmation code, input it to confirm number ownership, and then click “Confirm” to finish the transaction.


Email registration

The email option is the third straightforward registration process you have. Here, you’ll need to provide your email address, phone number, name, and password as listed on the registration page just after the 1xBet mobile download and installation process. You can also enter the promo code you were referred from that is if you have anyone to access specific bonuses and promotions. Once you’ve supplied all the necessary information, click “confirm” to complete the registration process.


How to Verify Identity in 1xBet App

Verifying your identity is a crucial step to ensure security and trust. The mobile sportsbook platform 1xBet might require you to verify your identity, especially when you’ve won substantial amounts. This validation procedure typically spans 1-2 days and entails submitting photos of your ID card, passport, or driver’s license. The 1xBet team reviews these documents and if these documents are recognized as valid, your account is verified, but if they are not the sportsbook has the right to close such an account. Additional evidence, like a utility bill, debit card, or bank statement, might be requested for further validation, though this isn’t a regular requirement.


1xBet App Main Features

The 1xBet mobile app offers numerous features that make it a popular choice among most bettors. Some of these features are mentioned below.Download 1xBet App



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